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The oldest three publications formed chapters of my PhD thesis: "Galaxy-Scale Signatures of Screened Modified Gravities."

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Dark sector domain walls could explain the observed planes of satellites

Aneesh P. Naik, Clare Burrage

arXiv:2205.00712, 2022

Charting galactic accelerations II: How to 'learn' accelerations in the solar neighbourhood

Aneesh P. Naik, Jin An, Clare Burrage, N. Wyn Evans

MNRAS, 2022 Apr, pp. 1609-1621

Charting galactic accelerations: when and how to extract a unique potential from the distribution function

Jin An, Aneesh P. Naik, N. Wyn Evans, Clare Burrage

MNRAS, 2021 Oct, pp. 5721-5730

Stellar streams in chameleon gravity

Aneesh P. Naik, N. Wyn Evans, Ewald Puchwein, Hongsheng Zhao, Anne-Christine Davis

PRD, 2020 Oct, p. 084066

Constraints on chameleon f(R) gravity from galaxy rotation curves of the SPARC sample

Aneesh P. Naik, Ewald Puchwein, Anne-Christine Davis, Debora Sijacki, Harry Desmond

MNRAS, 2019 Oct, pp. 771-787

Imprints of chameleon f(R) gravity on galaxy rotation curves

Aneesh P. Naik, Ewald Puchwein, Anne-Christine Davis, Christian Arnold

MNRAS, 2018 Nov, pp. 5211-5225